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Infographic: What Would You Do?

What would you do? An Erie Insurance survey finds most licensed drivers (59%) anticipate self-driving cars will solve the problem of distracted driving. Many seem to have plans for their free time. Sleep Tight: 19% of drivers would snooze while operating a self-driving car. Zen in the Fast Lane: 10% of drivers say they would meditate while operating a self-driving car. Nearly one in five men ages 18-34 (18%) say they would find their om in a self-driving car. Random Acts of Love: 7% of drivers say they would engage in romantic activities while operating a self-driving car. Men are almost 4 times more likely than women to say this (11% vs. 3%). Rush Hour Happy Hour: 33% believe that one of the biggest advantages of self-driving cars will be the ability to get home safety if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Almost half of men ages 35-44 believe this (48%). Related, 13% of drivers believe you wouldn’t get cited for DUI/DWI if under the influence when operating a self-driving car and 5% of drivers ages 21+ say they would drink alcoholic beverages while operating a self-driving car. But wait, there’s more: 45% of drivers surveyed would talk on the phone when operating a self-driving car. 34% say they would text. 34% say they would check and send emails. 27% would read. 21% would watch videos. 11% would play video games and 2% would exercise. Only 35% of drivers reported they wouldn’t do anything other than operate the self-driving car. Just like your car, your car insurance should be responsive and protect you when you need it most. At Erie Insurance, we understand that we’re not just insuring your car, we’re protectingyour future. Find an agent at Information about the survey. The online survey of 2,932 licensed drivers in the U.S. aged 18 and older was conducted between February 28 and March 2, 2017, by Harris Poll on behalf of Erie Insurance.

Check out what people think self-driving cars will give them the opportunity to do behind the wheel. /blog/distracted-driving-infographic Erie Insurance