What to Think About When Downsizing Your Home

downsizing home

There are many different reasons for downsizing from your current home. Maybe you’re an empty nester who wants to live closer to your grandchildren. Maybe you’re a retiree with limited physical capacity and you can no longer handle the stairs. Or maybe you’re just tired of heating, cleaning and doing home improvement projects around your big old house.

Whatever your reason, downsizing can be an exciting and rewarding decision. It can allow you to move to a new location, avoid harsh winters and enjoy a change of scenery, too.

There are important things to consider, though. This series of posts is for anyone who’s considering downsizing and wants to make an informed decision.

In the following posts, you’ll learn:

  • Why people downsize. You already have your own reason for downsizing, but maybe there are other benefits you’re overlooking. Learn why so many Americans are downsizing and why the trend continues to gain stream.
  • What to consider before downsizing. Making the decision to downsize requires careful preparation. This post will show you some of the things you need to consider so you’re not caught off guard by something unexpected.
  • How to decide what to keep, what to sell and what to toss. Not everything can come with you when you downsize. So how do you decide what stays and what goes? Author and downsizing expert Harry Rinker offers his expert advice to make the process easier.
  • How to organize your move to a smaller home. You’ve made the decision to downsize, and you know what you’re keeping. Now, get some tips for making the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Ready to learn more about downsizing? Then let’s get started.

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