Downton Abbey: Workers' Compensation

using an antique iron

Downton Abbey relies on the services of about 70 butlers, cooks, maids, farmhands, drivers, maintenance workers, office staff and more. In today’s world, these individuals would need workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ comp provides coverage for injury or disease arising in the course and the scope of employment, regardless of negligence on the employer’s part.

Michael Bauer, supervisor, Commercial Underwriting at Erie Insurance looked into workers’ comp coverage for all these workers. “If someone strictly works for you on a regular basis and you pay and supervise them, then they are your employee,” he says. “So you would need provide workers’ comp coverage for them.”

He adds that this only applies to someone like a full-time nanny who comes to your house on a regular basis and only works for you. “You don’t need to worry about someone like an occasional babysitter or a housecleaner who works for other people,” says Michael. “Any on-the-job injuries they incur are typically covered under your homeowners liability.”

Next up is liability coverage, the final area of insurance we’ll want to consider when figuring out what it would cost to insure Downton Abbey.

A small army of butlers, cooks, maids and more make it possible for Downton Abbey to run. So we can't forget to include workers' comp in the calculation. /blog/downton-abbey-5 Erie Insurance