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6 Free Apps for Retailers

Payroll, taxes, operations—there are lots of details to stay on top of when you run your own business.

Fortunately, today’s evolving technology makes it easier than ever to be organized. And small business owners rely on it: A survey conducted by the National Small Business Association revealed that 70 percent of small business owners said that technology is key to their success.

Of course, more complex technology solutions can cost quite a bit. But many others charge only a modest fee—or are even free. That’s the case with the six phone apps below. They can help you get the job done at no extra cost. Read on to see how.

The app: Google Keep

Best for: Creating lists

What it does: When you need to offload an idea for later use, this is the app you’ll want to use. Google Keep lets you create notes and lists, set reminders, loop in a “collaborator” and more. Even better, it automatically syncs to your devices.


The app: Wave

Best for: Staying on top of accounting

What it does: Whether you want to create and send an invoice, scan a receipt or create an accounting report, Wave has you covered. The free version offers a surprising number of services—and more complicated functions like paying employees are available for a fee.


The app: MagicPlan

Best for: Creating floor plans

What it does: If a well thought out floor plan in no time at all sounds like a good deal, check out MagicPlan. All you need to do is upload a few photos and the app will create a floor plan you can print out instantly.


The app: Buffer

Best for: Managing your social media presence

What it does: Social media can give your business a big boost. But managing multiple accounts can be time consuming. Enter Buffer, which lets you post to the five most popular networks at scheduled times throughout the day. The app also gives you analytics reports so you can see which posts are performing the best.


The app: Bubble Level(for Android) and iHandy Level (for iOS)

Best for: Calibrating surfaces

What it does: Setting up a display or hanging a picture? You won’t have to worry about anything hanging crooked when you have either of these apps. They’ll help you check surfaces, calculate angles and more.


The app: ColorSnap®

Best for: Finding visual inspiration

What it does: If you’re stuck on which colors to paint your store, the ColorSnap® app from Sherwin-Williams will be your best friend. It’s full of inspirational photos and more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors. And you can even create your own palettes.

Erie Insurance does not endorse the apps described above. Please do your own investigation and make up your own mind whether any of these apps is right for you.   

Technology can be a retailer’s best friend—and sometimes, it doesn’t cost a thing. /blog/free-apps-for-retailers Erie Insurance