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Eight Easy Ways to Go Green at Work

There’s no doubt many of us have made efforts to be more green in our personal lives. Yet have you ever considered ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in your workplace?

Beyond being better for the environment, being green at work can also be better for your business’ bottom line when you cut waste and unnecessary expenses.

You can start by forming a group with like-minded employees or coworkers. (Here at Erie Insurance, our EcoErie group works to conserve energy, reduce paper use, source sustainable products and equipment, and more.) Many of the ways to go green at work are easy. For instance, check out the following eight tips in the source article below. With a little effort, your business or workplace can make a big impact over time.

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Did you know its possible to get green business coverage? When you add the Green Upgrade Coverage to your policy, you could cover the costs of replacing or rebuilding damaged equipment with more energy-efficient or environmentally friendly alternatives such as motion-activated lights, automatic faucets and non-toxic or ENERGY STAR-compliant building materials. Talk to your Erie Insurance Agent to learn more.

Earth Day is almost upon us. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s worth checking out these easy ways to go green at work. /blog/go-green-at-work Erie Insurance