What to Do During the Move

loading moving truck

At last, the big day is here. Exciting? Yes! Stressful? Definitely.

Luckily, you can remove some of the stress by following these tips:

  • Pack “first night” boxes: Opt for containers that stand out from your brown moving boxes, such as suitcases or plastic containers. Bring basic necessities to get you through those first few days while you get your bearings and start digging out.
  • Give kids things to do: Preschoolers and elementary-aged children will likely be interested in “helping” at first. When they get bored and tired, be ready with an activity or distraction. This is a good time to gift a new toy and have videos ready to watch on your laptop. Finally, chat with them about what to expect on moving day. As always, frame rules and expectations in positive statements. (For example, “Walking feet” instead of “no running.”)
  • Keep your pets safe: In their eyes, you are taking their world apart, so you’ll want to keep stress to a minimum. Keep cats and other small animals confined to carriers while your belongings are being carted out of the house. A few weeks before you move, set out your cat’s carrier to allow him to go in and out as he pleases. By moving day, he will see it as a safe environment. Keep dogs confined to one place, such as the backyard kennel, a fenced yard or one room of the house. Make sure your pet is tagged or micro chipped in case the worst happens and they escape. (If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your vet and/or the microchip company have your most recent contact information on file.)
  • Loading up: If you hired movers, have any needed documents liked contracts ready and easy to access. Be ready to supervise the movers the entire time that they’re in your home. If you are loading the truck yourself, start with boxes. Stack them around the perimeter of the van, with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Then set down a sheet or utility blanket for your mattresses and fill in the rest with your furniture. Stack lighter boxes on top of the furniture as space allows. 

Phew—you made it. Now, get some advice about how to handle the aftermath of your move.


On moving day, protect your sanity by making the uprooting process calm and crisis-free for yourself, your kids and your pets. /blog/hassle-free-move-4 Erie Insurance