How to Sort It Out After the Move

Family unpacking boxes

The movers are gone and your life is in chaos and hidden inside boxes. It’s time to sort out everything and get acclimated to your new digs.

  • Get organized: Don’t let your new place turn into an obstacle course. When unloading, carry in the furniture first, setting up essentials such as beds and tables as you go. Have kitchen boxes taken to the kitchen and bathroom boxes set in the hallway. Everything else can be stacked in a designated area.
  • Unpack your kitchen first: At least a third of your boxes or more probably contain kitchen essentials. If you can unpack your kitchen by the second day, you’ll have a sense of momentum from a strong start to settling in. 
  • Buy only the essentials: If you would love a new library table to fill that empty space in your living room, wait a few months until you have a solid idea of your new budget. Besides, you will want to keep lots of cash on hand for the seemingly endless essential purchases that will be coming up. Keep an ongoing list of what your home needs as you unpack and settle in and then prioritize.
  • Be ready for a second purge: You may decide that some items no longer fit in with your life or your home. Keep a few empty boxes handy for storage, along with a couple of bins for selling and donating.
  • Deal with damaged items: If you discover a large scratch on your cherry wood cabinet, several broken dishes or some other damage, it’s time to file a claim. Your coverage, however, will depend on your movers (or perhaps even your own) insurance policy. Take photos and notify your moving company. Even if the deadline to file is several months away, don’t wait. Finally, hang on to the broken or damaged item until the claim is settled. At some point, someone from the moving company may come over to examine it.

Moving is never easy, but it’s something nearly every person will experience at some point in his or her life. With all luck, you’ll find the effort was more than worth the effort once you’re settled in to your new home.

After the move, these tips will help you sort things out and get your house back in order ASAP. /blog/hassle-free-move-5 Erie Insurance