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Kind Ways to Help Elderly Neighbors during Winter

With headquarters located in Erie, Pennsylvania – winner of snowiest city in America – Erie Insurance families are experts at navigating the winter season.

At ERIE, we believe nothing warms a harsh winter like the simple act of kindness for those who find mastering the warm and cozies a little more challenging. Consider helping your elderly neighbors during the winter months.

Here are four simple ideas that show a little kindness can go a long way.

  • Keep their pathways snow- and ice-free. Consider shoveling their driveway and sidewalks for them before applying a de-icing agent, as well as porch steps and railings.
  • Touch base before and after winter storms. If a winter storm is brewing, ask if they have a battery-powered radio, first aid kit, warm blankets and prescription medications.
  • Check up on them periodically, anyway. You can ask if they’re feeling well or not, and if they have operational heat, water, and working detectors.
  • Share a hot meal. There’s nothing like visiting with a neighbor over a steaming bowl of soup or chili. Those foods can also warm up the body and deter hypothermia in the colder months.

Maintaining contact and a can-help attitude can help stave off preventable illnesses or the winter blues. Read about more winter home maintenance tips, and more about the ERIE difference.

During the winter months, remember to check-in with your elderly neighbors to make sure they have what they need and to say "hello." /blog/helping-elderly-neighbors-in-winter Erie Insurance