How to Safely Outfit the Windows in a Baby’s Room
March 2017 24
An expert weighs on how to choose window treatments that are both fashionable and safe for your baby's room.
Revealed: The 6 Reasons People Don’t Prepare for Natural Disasters
March 2017 20
Find out why people don’t prepare—and learn how to overcome your own inertia when it comes to disaster preparedness.
Confessions of a First Time Renter: 7 Things to Help You and Your Pet Have a Paw-some Move
March 2017 15
I moved my furry feline in pretty painlessly. You can, too.
Top Tips for Living Alone
March 2017 13
Single-person households are on the rise. Here's how to make the most of flying solo and stay safe in the process.

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The 10 Most Popular States People Move to
March 2017 10
The South and the West were the biggest winners when it came to net gains in population.
4 Things to Avoid When Using Public Wi-Fi
March 2017 08
Public Wi-Fi networks come with significantly less security than private networks. You can still use them provided you avoid doing these four things.
9 Things to Know If You Have a Backup Generator
March 2017 01
A backup generator can come in handy when the power goes down. But they come with a few risks you’ll want to be aware of.
Ask ERIE: Does Insurance Cover Lost or Stolen Luggage?
February 2017 27
Lost or stolen luggage is a definite bummer, but fortunately there's help for travelers dealing with this unfortunate situation.
Cyber Crimes Still Common—and Expensive
February 2017 23
Would you believe that more than one in three Americans is hacked in a given year—and that the damage can cost thousands of dollars?
To Post or Not to Post?
February 2017 21
Going on vacation? If so, answer these quick questions before you post the obligatory "feet by the pool" photo to your favorite social media sites.