9 Life Changes to Tell Your Insurance Agent About
August 2017 10
Getting married? Having a baby? Moving? Read about these life changes and why it's important to let your insurance agent know.
Playing it Safe with Backyard Toys
August 2017 02
Kids and toys go together like summer and sunshine. Read about tips to keep your kids safe in the backyard with some of the summer's most popular outdoor toys.
Swing Set and Tree House Safety
August 2017 02
A backyard swing set or a tree house can bring hours of fun to your own kids, and make your backyard the go-to place in the neighborhood. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe.
Beware of Toxic Plants Found Near Backyard Play Areas
August 2017 02
Landscaping brings shade and beauty to the yard. What many homeowners may not realize is there are toxic plants in their midst. Make sure you know what to look for and what could be dangerous in your backyard.

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Jump Right In: Swimming Pool Safety
August 2017 02
Having a swimming pool is a dream come true for many, but it also comes with responsibilities. Here are some pool safety tips to follow before you jump in.
Keeping Kids Safe in the Backyard
August 2017 02
Many of us love the idea of turning our backyards into an inviting oasis where the kids can let loose while the adults unwind. Here's a series of tips to keep kids safe on trampolines, in pools, on swings and while using their favorite outdoor toys.
Trampoline Safety Tips for Jumpers
August 2017 02
The sight of a trampoline would have any neighbor kid jumping for joy — and wanting to join the fun. Read about how to keep your kids safe on trampolines while keeping it fun.
How Safe is Your Deck?
July 2017 27
Tips for making sure your deck is safe, secure and ready for summer.
Young, Fabulous—and Insured: Protect Your (Temporary) Home
July 2017 20
Insurance isn’t usually top of mind for young adults heading off to college or renting their first apartment. (It wasn’t for us at the time, either.) But, like mom and dad always say, with freedom comes responsibility—in this case, the responsibility to protect yourself, your belongings, and others by taking out renters and auto insurance policies.