Cyber Crimes Still Common—and Expensive
February 2017 23
Would you believe that more than one in three Americans is hacked in a given year—and that the damage can cost thousands of dollars?
To Post or Not to Post?
February 2017 21
Going on vacation? If so, answer these quick questions before you post the obligatory "feet by the pool" photo to your favorite social media sites.
Safe Ways to Shovel Snow
February 2017 15
Find out how to avoid strains, sprains and more when shoveling the white stuff.
How to Safely Heat Your Home
February 2017 13
Do you use alternative heating sources like space heaters, fires and wood-burning stoves? If so, here are tried-and-true ways to stay safe while staying warm.

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Tips for Working with Coaxial Cable
February 2017 06
Working with coaxial cable is different from working with standard electrical cable. Here are some tips for working with it.
5 Musts for Hosting a Viewing Party
January 2017 30
Read this before you have friends over to watch the big game or an awards show.
Ice Melting Pucks: Helpful or Harmless?
January 2017 26
Ice dams are an unfortunate part of winter for many homeowners. Many people melt them with salt roof pucks—but the verdict is out on whether that’s a good idea.
17 Things to Do Before Leaving Home for the Holidays
December 2016 19
From prepping your car to getting your house in gear, here's what to do before you embark on any holiday travel. - See more at:
4 Green Home Improvement Projects that Will Save you Money
December 2016 16
An expert shares some resolutions worth making for your home and the environment.
Confessions of a First-Time Renter: Stoves, Smoke Alarms and (Feelings of) Security
December 2016 05
So my oven and I have a love/hate relationship with my smoke alarms…and I’m not burning anything.