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Infographic: 8 Maintenance Hacks for Renters

8 Maintenance Hacks for Renters
Number 1, Avoid a Deep Freeze:  Defrost your freezer at least once a year or if there is more than one fourth inch of ice build up.

Number 2, Rout Grout Problems: A good grout scrub can ward off nasty mold and mildew problems, and help keep an eye out for cracks that could lead to problems in walls and floors.

Number 3, Dodge a Dust Up: Vacuum your heating and air conditioning vents before using them for the first time each year.

Number 4, Keep Clogs at Bay: To get that slow-moving drain flowing (and relive your favorite 6th grade science experiment), pour equal parts baking soda and vinegar down the drain. A half cup of each will do.

Number 5, Detect and Deter Smoke: Use Daylight Savings Time to remind yourself to do more than reset your clocks. Reset the batteries in your smoke detector, too.

Number 6, Yep, Nailed it: If you’re planning on moving out soon, take the time to patch small nail holes. Life hack: A crayon that matches your wall’s color may do the trick.

Number 7, Look for Lightbulb Moments: As you walk from your car to your building, keep an eye out for burned out bulbs. Ask your landlord to replace any that are missing from your building, porch or garage.

Number 8, Insure Your Peace of Mind: Starting around $10 a month, renters insurance will not only cover your belongings, since your landlord’s policy usually doesn’t, it will also cover things like temporary living expenses and personal liability.

Individual policies vary. Always check with your local Erie Insurance agent to confirm discounts, rates and rules.

Find an ERIE agent to help get you covered.

Check out this handy infographic with maintenance tips for renters. /blog/infographic-renters-maintenance Erie Insurance