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4 Insurance Careers for Empaths

Finding a job that fits your personality is the key to successful and happy career. For empaths, you may discover a few jobs in particular can help you thrive. Like ones that give you the opportunity to provide meaningful service or with an organization whose values align with your own.

At Erie Insurance, our goal is to provide the best service on the market, and that starts with a culture that believes in doing the right thing for our customers and our employees. Our careers range from IT and Sales to Accounting and Human Resources, but for our empaths out there, we’ve selected a few careers we feel are right up your alley.

What is an empath?

An empath is someone who feels empathy more than the average person. They are quicker to recognize other’s emotions and are easily able to diffuse stressful situations. They’re natural givers and care deeply, often wearing their feelings on their sleeves.

No two empaths are the same, but most excel in one-on-one interactions where they can build strong bonds, listen to their emotions and offer help that makes a difference.

The insurance industry is filled with a variety of careers, but a lot of what we do is helping our customers get back on their feet when something bad happens. Here are some careers that help complete that promise to our customers the most.

Four Insurance Careers for Empaths

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Representative

At Erie Insurance, the heart of our business is to help people reset after a sudden and unexpected loss. It’s our First Notice of Loss (FNOL) representatives who answer the phone and engages with customers and agents to file all the correct information.

In FNOL, one call could be from a customer whose house caught on fire and they lost everything. The next from a customer whose car was broken into. For an empath, that deep emotional understanding enhances their ability to listen and offer comfort and support to customers.

Read more about what a day in the life of an FNOL representative is all about.

Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are experts in their community at helping customers understand the best coverage options for them and their family. This is a competitive job where you’ll often have to meet sales quotas, but being an empath is a perfect quality for interacting with customers.

A highly tuned sense of empathy allows an insurance agent to have a better perspective on their customer’s needs, helping to share and educate their customers on coverage options perfect for their lifestyles. While customers will call their insurance agent when something bad happens, they are also on the list of people they call when good news comes around. Life changes like marriage, a new house or their teenager starts driving, an insurance agent is there to help them with coverage adjustments (or tips on teaching their teen how to parallel park).

Plus, as an agent, you’ll find many ways to give back and help out your community.

Learn more about ERIE’s independent insurance agents and how to become one.

Insurance Adjusters

An insurance adjuster determines how much a customer’s insurance company should pay for a claim. They investigate property damage, bodily injury and medical bills.

While assessing damages is a big part of the job, they are also speaking with witnesses and talking with the claimants after some scary situations. Empaths have a knack for helping others feel relaxed and heard in conversations, offering the right amount of support for customers.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what an insurance adjuster does in a day.

Claim Representatives and Specialists

Claims representatives are the behind-the-scenes insurance helpers whose job is to move a customer’s claim along the claim process. More than just a supporting role, claims specialists are taking calls, filing and processing claims. They are often on the phone with agents and policyholders and even offer customer service support during catastrophic events like hurricanes.

Empaths will find this job rewarding by being a crucial element in helping to resolve a claim and coming through with that final insurance promise.

Find the right job with ERIE

While there is no one-size-fits-all career for an empath, their caring nature and desire to give back make them quality candidate for a career in insurance.

ERIE’s longstanding tradition is doing the right thing. It’s our promise. It’s who we are. It’s this commitment to people and believing in the Golden Rule that sets us apart from other companies. If you have passion for helping others, consider becoming a part of the ERIE team.

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