Insurance for Golf Carts

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It may seem like a silly thing to consider, but golf carts need insurance just like cars do. That’s because they can get stolen and damaged. And at an average weight of about 1,000 pounds and the ability to reach speeds of more than 20 miles per hour, they can cause serious harm to other people and their property.

Personal property protection

When it comes to insurance for golf carts, the good news is that your golf cart is considered personal property under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. This means it’s covered much the same way as items in your home. So if your golf cart is stolen or gets damaged by a covered loss like fire, you will receive reimbursement.

There is, however, one important caveat to note. Your golf cart has to be solely used to service your residence premises for it to receive automatic coverage under your homeowners or renters policy. If you veer off your premises, you will not have coverage if your golf cart is stolen or damaged.

If you use your golf cart away from home, you’ll want to endorse it under the miscellaneous vehicle coverage under your auto policy. If you don’t have an auto policy, it’s possible to write an auto policy on just a miscellaneous vehicle. Your Erie Insurance Agent can help you figure out the right coverage in this situation.

Liability protection

Liability coverage for your golf cart is also provided under your homeowners and renters insurance. In this instance, coverage applies wherever you use your golf cart.

This is important to note since research shows that accidents caused by golf carts increased 132 percent between 1990 and 2006. It’s common in golf communities for golf carts to share the road with cars, bikes and pedestrians. Then there’s also the issue of other carts, an especially common occurrence in golf cart communities where the majority of residents use carts as their main form of transportation.

Not sure if you have the right coverage for your golf cart? Then contact a local Erie Insurance Agent in your community. He or she can help you get the protection you need.

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It may seem funny to consider, but insurance for golf carts is often necessary. Learn what coverage you might need when it comes to your cart. /blog/insurance-for-golf-carts Erie Insurance