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Insurance for Domestic Partners

So you and your partner are ready to take your relationship from “Facebook official” to “cozy cohabitants.” Congratulations! Moving in together is a big step in any relationship and one that can raise a lot of questions.

For starters, how does a neat freak share a space with someone who doesn’t own a mop? How does a night owl live with someone who nods off at 9 o’clock? And what kind of insurance will you need for all of your combined stuff?

Erie Insurance offers coverage specifically for domestic partners, and it’s offered at no extra cost to long-term couples who live together. It can be added to a renters, homeowners or condo policy.

With this special coverage, all possessions are covered under the same policy including contents at home and away. It also includes liability coverage – anything from accidental fires to hitting a golf ball through someone’s car windshield.

During every move, things can undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle. Make sure your mutual protection isn’t one of them.

To learn more about insurance coverage from ERIE, including coverage for domestic partners, contact a local ERIE Insurance agent in your community.

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Lots of things change when your plus-one moves in—and your insurance should be one of them. This Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider insurance for live in partners. /blog/insurance-for-live-in-partners-2 Erie Insurance