How to Write a Meaningful Obituary
July 23, 2019
Find out what facts you should include – and a few suggestions to make it personal.
Quiz: How Do You Know if a Long-Term Care Policy is Right for You?
May 13, 2019
This five-question quiz will help you better understand long-term care and why it’s important to consider.
I Have Life Insurance Through Work. Isn’t That Enough?
February 28, 2019
Group life coverage through your employer only goes so far. Find out what makes individual life coverage different.
Crowdfunding Is Not Life Insurance
February 18, 2019
Planning ahead to secure the well-being of your family is more than a transaction: It's an act of love.

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Health care and out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare participants are on the rise. Here’s what to ask to determine if a Medicare Supplement insurance plan is right for you.
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October 09, 2018
While all “Medigap” plans help offset healthcare costs, Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. Here’s how it works.
What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?
October 09, 2018
It can seem confusing – but with an ERIE agent, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to know.
Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents
September 28, 2018
In addition to being full-time caregivers, stay-at-home parents are often also cooks, housekeepers, tutors, psychologists, chauffeurs, nurses and more. That's a lot of responsibilities that often demands life insurance protection.
Term vs. Whole Life Insurance: Which Do You Need?
September 24, 2018
Whether you’re entering adulthood or nearing retirement, you may have a need for life insurance… but understanding which policy is best for you can be confusing.