Are you covered? Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re protected in 2018
December 2017 27
The new year is a great opportunity to take stock of your insurance policy and make sure you have the proper coverage that fits your needs. Here are some insurance resolutions to consider as we begin 2018.
Staying Safe in the Woods
October 2017 27 recently posted safety tips for both hunters and non-hunters. Be sure to use caution when venturing out into the great outdoors.
A Q&A with Life Insurance Awareness Month Spokesperson Danica Patrick
August 2017 31
You may know race car driver Danica Patrick for her ground-breaking career on the racetrack. This September, however, she will be front and center talking about the power of life insurance as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month, coordinated by Life Happens.
Back to School Safety Tips
August 2017 29
School bells are ringing and another school year is in full swing. Read about how to keep your kids safe at all ages and stages.

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Safety in College
August 2017 29
College offers kids a new level of independence. Here's a list of tips to discuss with your teen before embracing campus life.
Lockers, Schedules and, Gulp, Cars!
August 2017 29
For tweens and teens entering middle and high school, the new school year means greater independence and time building their social schedules. Here are tips to keep your middle or high schooler on track.
When Kids Start Riding to School
August 2017 29
Biking to school is a great way for kids to become more independent. Check to make sure they have the proper safety equipment and understand the basic rules of the road.
College Dorm Room Hacks
August 2017 24
It's college move-in time. Here are some tips to make sure your dorm is your home away from home for the next school year.
More Grandparents are Raising Grandkids: 3 Things to Know
July 2017 18
A growing number of families don’t have to go over the river and through the woods to see their grandparents. Multigenerational households are on the rise.
What Insurance do You Need When You Move in Together?
June 2017 06
There are lots of things to think about when you're getting ready to make that next move — the move in. Who’ll do the dishes? Which car parks where? And, if your move in comes with a wedding band, you’ll have even more questions, like will you join finances?