Where to Look for an Internship

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It’s clear an internship can open up many doors for a college student. So where can students find career-building internships before the summer rolls around? Here are some ideas if your child wants to look for an internship:

  • Their university’s career center. This should be your child’s first stop when looking for unpaid or paid internships. The university career center will have materials related to hunting for internships, and they can even place students in contact with companies looking to hire interns.
  • Networking. Is your own company hiring interns? Then make sure to put in a good word for your son or daughter before the competition really heats up. What about the company of a friend, family member or neighbor? Networking with your own contacts could open up opportunities for your college student.
  • Company websites. Many companies list internship opportunities on their website. If your son or daughter can’t find anything there, he or she can call the company and ask to speak to the human resources department. They may not have anything open at the moment, but your child will have the chance to make a positive impression by showing initiative.
  • Internship websites. There are several large websites out there that aggregate internship opportunities. Just a few include:
    • Internships.com, which also offers tips, a blog and a quiz that helps match a student’s interests to opportunities.
    • Experience.com, which has listings as well as career articles and advice.
    • Idealist.org, a website that specializes in internships at nonprofits.
    • Students.gov, a website that connects students with government internships.

Next up, learn how to help your child find housing if he or she will be away from home during the summer.

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