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Lyft Driver Sings (and Drives) for Her Supper

While people have been sharing rides and transporting passengers since the early 1900s, there has been an explosion in the ridesharing economy over the past four years. With the popularity of phone application-based ride services like Uber, Lyft and others, today there are hundreds of thousands of drivers and millions of people using their services.

Many of us have been in the rider’s seat of the rideshare scenario. But what’s it like to be in the driver’s seat? We asked Alexis Saski who drives for Lyft in Music City U.S.A., Nashville, Tennessee.

Alexis moved from Rockport, Texas, to Nashville to follow her dream of singing. And sing she does. She keeps very busy singing back-up vocals for bands playing at many venues in Nashville. While R&B and soul are her usual go-to genres, she recently provided vocals for an all-star tribute to Led Zeppelin and has recorded contemporary Christian music too.

The benefits of ridesharing

After falling in love with Nashville and deciding to stay there, Alexis started driving for Lyft to supplement her singing income. She has provided over 1,500 rides in the 18 months she’s been driving. She cites flexibility as the top benefit.

“My singing schedule is crazy,” says Alexis. “I had time for other work, but I had no routine. What other job out there lets you work whenever you’re not busy doing something else?”

Another advantage to driving for Lyft is meeting all types of people, Alexis tells us. “I meet more people driving than I do singing my gigs,” she explains. Topping her list of memorable people was a gentleman who chanted the Hare Krishna mantra, leaving her with an incredibly peaceful feeling, she said. She also got to drive the country pop duo LOCASH during filming of a New Year’s Eve safe ride promotion sponsored by Erie Insurance. She nailed the part of the enthusiastic Lyft driver!

When asked what advice she would give to those considering rideshare driving as a means of income, Alexis said, “You have to like people. If you don’t like talking to people, you won’t be happy.” She added, “If you’re apprehensive about it, don’t be; it’s not scary at all. I have always felt safe because with the app there is accountability on both sides.”

Insurance for rideshare drivers

If you’re considering becoming a driver for Lyft or another ridesharing company, it’s good to know that an auto policy with Erie Insurance will have you covered. While typical auto policies won’t insure using your personal vehicle for commercial purposes, ERIE offers business use coverage* that will. It specifically covers a claim that might occur after accepting a ride request and before picking the passenger up – a gap that may exist between your personal auto policy coverage and when coverage provided by the transportation network company kicks in.

Before you start ridesharing (or if you already do), talk to an Erie Insurance agent in your area about ERIE’s unique coverage and get a quote. You can learn about driving for Lyft part-time by visiting their site at And be sure to watch Alexis pick up Nashville Lyft riders who got a surprise singalong with LOCASH.

*For an additional charge, business use coverage will cover certain business uses, including ridesharing. It provides excess coverage for a claim that might occur while using your insured vehicle for ridesharing. The policy contains the specific details of coverages, terms, conditions and exclusions.Coverage is not available in all states. Please refer to our disclaimer and talk to an ERIE agent for policy details.

See why one Nashville songstress turned to ridesharing to earn extra income. /blog/lyft-driver-interview Erie Insurance

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