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Major Home Inspection Issues

Your dream home is within reach and all that’s left is to look over the home inspector’s report. But what if the report shows there’s a big problem? Should you give up on the home?

That depends on the problem and your willingness to overcome it. The following home inspection issues typically give homeowners the biggest pause.

Foundation problems

Cracked walls, dips in the floor or sags in the roof – foundation issues are some of the most visible home inspection issues. But should a home with foundation issues be avoided? The answer is not always yes. If you’re serious about the home, ask a professional to review the damage. Some foundation issues can be fixed in as little as one day, so try to remain positive until you learn more.

Roof damage

Repairing roof damage can be very expensive. Replacing a few shingles is probably worth your time, but a complete replacement of the roof should warrant extra consideration before you move ahead with the home buying process.

Pest infestation

Like the roof, the severity of this issue depends on the size of the problem. An isolated presence is probably not a problem, but large quantities of rodents or insects should be a cause for concern. Enlist an exterminator to show you just how big of an issue it is.

Other health-related issues

Asbestos may still appear in some older homes, so have a specialized asbestos contractor test for them.

Another issue is toxic drywall. This is sometimes called Chinese Drywall, and it has been linked to severe health issues. Chinese Drywall has been the subject of litigation as well. Both asbestos and Chinese Drywall are rare in homes now, but their presence should be cause for concern.

Your decision to abandon a home because of any of these home inspection issues should depend on the time, money and effort required to fix the issue. If the work is more expensive or time-consuming than you’re willing to take on, you’re better off looking for better options elsewhere.

If you find a house that checks out and the buyer accepts your offer, it’s best to talk to an insurance professional like an Erie Insurance Agent before the closing. Your mortgage company will most likely require homeowners insurance on your new house before the deed is transferred. (Once the deed is transferred, you’re liable for any damage to the house.) If you’re making a cash deal, it’s still worth it to talk with your home insurance agent before the closing so there’s no gap in coverage.

Think again about buying a home if it has any of these home inspection issues. /blog/major-home-inspection-issues Erie Insurance

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