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Holiday Up in Flames

Don’t let a fire take the merry out of your holidays.

The Holidays are a time of year to enjoy friends and family, but sometimes they don’t always go as planned. Don’t believe us? Check out this experiment we did with our Erie, Pennsylvania, City of Erie Fire Department.

ERIE staged a fire in a vacant home which showed how a Christmas tree fire can fill a room with toxic smoke in just 30 seconds and burn down an entire living room in one minute.

"Many people love their Christmas decorations and choose to leave them up for a few weeks after the holiday, but when it comes to a dried-out live Christmas tree, that's a dangerous risk to take," said  Gary Sullivan , vice president of property and subrogation claims, Erie Insurance. "We want families to enjoy the post-holiday season safely; we don't want them to be displaced from their homes due to a fire, or even worse, caught in a life-threatening situation."

Recent national reporting done by the National Fire Protection Association showed Christmas trees resulted in an annual average of seven civilian fire deaths, 19 civilian fire injuries and $17.5 million in direct property damage during a four-year period. Make sure to take care of your tree to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

If the unexpected does happen this holiday, your ERIE Agent is here for you. Need a New Year’s Resolution? Make sure you and your family are properly insured for whatever life throws your way.


See just how quickly your tree (and home) could go up in flames if your Christmas tree is dry or something sparks a fire. /blog/merry-mishap-christmas-tree-fire Erie Insurance

Merry & Bright

Don't let your holidays go up in flames. An experiment in a controlled environment shows how a small spark can ignite a Christmas tree and easily destroy your home.
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