The 10 Most Popular States People Move to

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There are many reasons people move. It could be for a job or a loved one.  It could be based on the weather or just to experience a new place,. So where’s everyone going?

While some warm-weather states are popular, especially among retirees, there are several states you might not have thought of that made the list. Interestingly enough, Vermont – home to the original Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Store – and Oregon (no sales tax!) are in the top five. That’s because many of the states on the list have at least one of two incentives: low taxes and a robust economy.

Read the source article from Property Casualty 360 to find out which 10 states are welcoming the most new residents. Thinking about making your own move? If so, don’t forget to check in with your insurance agent and to read these hassle-free moving tips.   

The South and the West were the biggest winners when it came to net gains in population. /blog/most-popular-states Erie Insurance