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Moving to Erie, Pennsylvania with Erie Insurance

Would you move cities for a job?

What about a career that promised variety and opportunity – all in a small city with modest cost of living and no rush-hour traffic?

While Erie Insurance has branch offices and remote opportunities across our 12-state footprint, over a third of our career opportunities are based at our Home Office in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We asked two ERIE employees why they made the move to Erie and what the transition was like.

Cole Myers: From a small town to Erie, PA

Cole Myers, a senior training delivery specialist, has been with ERIE just over a decade. Having been a property adjuster for nine years out of ERIE’s Harrisburg Branch Office, he was ready for the next step in his career. A Home Office position to teach other claims adjusters at ERIE caught his eye. His experience matched the qualifications, and the only catch was moving northwest.

How do you like Erie, PA?

Myers had lived in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, his entire life – a small town of just over 40,000 people. Erie’s population is more than double, but so are the opportunities.

“All I knew was Erie has this reputation for being a snowy area,” Myers said. “My family loves the outdoors, so we were surprised to see that Erie has lots of parks, trails and outdoor activities. I didn’t know the summers would be just as beautiful as the winters, so from cross country skiing to bike trails, we’re really embracing what the Erie area offers.”

Sitting right on Lake Erie, Presque Isle State Park is one of Erie’s gems and the go-to local spot for outdoor recreation, from swimming to hiking. Erie is also home to the Erie Zoo, Waldameer Park and Water World amusement park and many nearby opportunities for golf and skiing.

“Depending on what you are looking for, I think you can find it here in Erie – and if not, it’s less than a 2-hour trip to any other major metropolitan area like Pittsburgh; Buffalo, New York; or Cleveland,” Myers said. “In Williamsport, we were three and a half hours from the only major city nearby, Philadelphia. In Erie, having the big cities available so close is great without having to deal with the costs or difficult commutes.”

What was the relocation process like?

“Getting out of your hometown can be tough, but my wife and I agreed it was an opportunity to advance with an employer we loved,” Myers said. “We had moved two times prior and were dreading the process, but ERIE’s relocation assistance program made the transition easy and seamless.”

ERIE helped Myers’ family sell their house in Williamsport as well as connect them with a Realtor, so they were able to find a place in Erie.

“Often, the biggest nightmare of moving is packing and getting your stuff to where it needs to be,” Myers said. “ERIE actually provided movers who came in, packed and labeled all of our stuff. They helped put it in storage for that week and a half where we hadn’t closed on a house, and then brought it on the day of closing.”

How has your life in Erie been so far?

“Career-wise, being here in Erie sets the stage to a whole new set of job opportunities at ERIE. They are simply just an interview away,” Myers said. “I didn’t want to move to a big city, and Erie is a good medium between a big city and small town. People are friendlier here, and that has to be the biggest benefit. Both in the company and the city, people are kind and want to have a conversation with you.”

Brian Taylor: From the big city to Erie, PA

Military veteran Brian Taylor, now an Production Support Supervisor on ERIE’s Information Technology team, had spent 15 years in the Army and was ready to settle down and spend more time with his family. He was living just outside Nashville, Tennessee, when a headhunter looking to recruit military veterans with leadership experience into ERIE’s IT Leader Program approached him about moving to Erie. Taylor wasn’t sure what to expect from a city he’d barely heard about, but after learning more about ERIE’s service promise to our customers, he knew it was a company he wanted to work with – and would be willing to move for.

How do you like Erie, PA so far?

“I came from a much larger city where there is a lot of hustle and bustle. Erie has a slower pace of life and my family and I are loving it,” Taylor said. “Traffic jams back home meant an hour or more of standstill. Here, I can be to the grocery store in 15 minutes and traffic jams are 10 minutes long, if that. Cost of living is great, too – Erie is a very affordable place to be.”

Erie has a lot to offer that rivals big-city amenities, from local heritage festivals to arts and culture venues like the historic Warner Theatre. Taylor was especially excited to grab season tickets to our local minor league hockey team, the Erie Otters

“I have six kids and they have really enjoyed the local schools, but my youngest has Noonan Syndrome which back home meant we had to drive into Nashville at least once a week for check-ups,” Taylor said. “Erie’s hospital actually has a relationship with Pittsburgh’s children’s hospital, so we get phenomenal care for our son and it’s just a 10-minute drive into downtown Erie.”

What was the relocation process like?

“From helping us transport our belongings, helping us find a temporary and then permanent home, ERIE went above and beyond every step of this process,” Taylor said. “Buying a house can be really stressful, but if I had a question or issue, ERIE’s relocation team would respond to me so quickly and walk me through the process to make sure everything I was doing was right.”

How has your life in Erie been so far?

“My wife and I were both in the military. We’d traveled a lot and were ready to place permanent roots,” Taylor said. “My kids have been so excited to see snow, and everyone has been so welcoming. This place has become our home, and we’re excited to see the improvements ERIE has been making in an effort to revitalize the downtown city.”

Make the Move (And Join the ERIE Family)

Interested in starting a career here in this Great Lake city? We know that moving for a job can be a stressful experience. At ERIE, one of our top priorities is helping make the relocation transition as smooth as possible. We offer best-in-class relocation assistance with dedicated concierge support.

Whether Erie is the city for you, or you’re looking to grow your career right where you are, we’re always looking for service-driven candidates who share our passion for helping others. Find a career that fits you at any of our offices across our 12-state footprint. Learn more about our current job opportunities and become a part of the ERIE family.

Disclaimer: ERIE’s relocation program benefits are specific to the accepted position and are reviewed with each employee/candidate as part of the offer process.

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