Next Up: An App to Help You Avoid Bad Drivers

man looking in rearview mirror

There are many fronts in the battle for safe driving.

Just a few include distracted driving laws, left lane laws, text stops and car voice systems (though the research on those is mixed). There’s even the possibility of radar guns that bust texting behind the wheel.

New ideas continue keep coming. Just recently, an Israeli company developed Nexar, an app to help you avoid bad drivers.  It works by reading the license plates of nearby drivers.  It then shares another driver’s rating and alerts you if a bad driver is nearby. It can also give you a head’s up when there’s an accident further down the road.

Nexar is still in its preliminary stages. Yet it already has people asking questions. Does the technology constitute an invasion of privacy? What will the app developers do with the driving data? And is it just another behind-the-wheel distraction at the end of the day?

Learn more about the app to help you avoid bad drivers at USA Today.

It sounds crazy, but an app to help you avoid bad drivers is now in the works. /blog/nexar-app Erie Insurance