How to Organize Your Move to a Smaller Home

organize your home

In our previous post, author Harry Rinker offered advice to help you decide which household items to keep, which to sell and which to throw away. If you’ve followed that advice, you’ve already downsized. Now, how do you make the move to your new abode as effortless as possible?

Here are his top tips for making the move:

  • Have a plan for where things are going. Before you load the moving truck, it’s a great idea to visit your new home to collect measurements and get a general idea of where your items will go. This will make it easier for you to mark boxes and for your movers to load and unload the truck efficiently.
  • Consider where to store outdoor items. Your new home may not have a place for everything that you deemed essential. If so, maybe you’ve called on the help of family or friends to store some things, such as a boat, motorcycle or camper. Whatever the item is, move it to its new home before you start moving your other possessions. It’s best to get the big stuff out of the way first.
  • Remember the first in, last out rule. Load your boxes into the truck by room destinations. This will make it easier to organize, load and unload the truck and allow your movers to bring several boxes to the same location in one trip.
  • Have some fun. Moving is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a total drag. Plan breaks for yourself and your movers and take everyone out to a meal when the job is finished. If you’re moving out of state, plan some sight-seeing trips along the way to make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Take a moment for yourself. Downsizing to a new home opens the door to many new, exciting opportunities. Expect your move to be a little sad as well, though. Your old house is full of fond memories, so don’t ignore them. Instead, take a moment to walk those old halls one last time. Saying goodbye to your old house is the first step in saying goodbye to this chapter of your life before moving on.

Once you pick your new home, it’s a good idea to contact an insurance professional like an Erie Insurance Agent. He or she can tell you about homeowners insurance options that will give your new home the protection it needs.

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