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What I Learned by Adopting a Dog

The Tale of Benny & Banjo

Every business needs insurance, and ERIE knows that every business is different. We want your insurance to be as reliable as your must trusted friend, including your four-legged-friends. Trust us to deliver what’s best for your business - as Benny helps Banjo in his time of need. 
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Christmas came early this past year when four furry legs and a tail bounded through our front door. This made my fiancé and me two things: 1. Overjoyed; and 2. Brand-new puppy parents.

We were quick to shower her with love, toys and tutus, but we also knew our level of responsibility was now much higher. There were things we knew to do: schedule a trip to the vet for vaccinations and spaying, stock up on flea and tick medicine and map different walk routes. And, yet, as our lovable rescue learned how to sit and stay, we learned that we were just scratching the surface of really taking care of her.

For instance, what if we were to get into a car accident on the way to the vet and she was injured? Or what if we got the vet safely, but she got nervous and knocked something over in the waiting room? Or worse, knocked over the vet technician?

Just like with any relationship, you want the best (behavior) for those you love. The story of Benny and Banjo has taught us a lot about how to be there for each other.

For those things we still weren’t sure of, we asked our local Erie Insurance agent. It gives us peace of mind to know our pooch is healthy, happy, and protected.

These helpful infographics, lists of tips and quizzes is also a fun way to test and solidify your knowledge:

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe Throughout the Year

When You Take Your Pup Out and About

On Protecting Others

A writer reflects on being a new dog owner--and shares helpful information about how to keep any pet safe and happy. /blog/pet-post Erie Insurance