Video: Making Sense of Rental Car Insurance

There’s no doubt that rental car insurance can be confusing. After all, you’re almost always offered extra coverages at the rental car counter. But do you really need them if you have adequate coverage through your regular auto insurance policy? And what about the extra coverage many credit cards offer?

With so much to consider, it’s easy to see why so many people end up paying for coverage they don’t really need. Others, meanwhile, may have a coverage gap if they mistakenly believe their regular auto insurance policy or credit card provides coverage.

Watch the video above and read our rental car Q&A to get a better handle on rental car insurance. It’s also a good idea to talk with a professional like an Erie Insurance Agent in your community before you rent your next car.

Planning on renting a car on Labor Day or beyond? Then take the time to review a few things about rental car insurance before you sign the dotted line. /blog/rental-car-insurance Erie Insurance