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10 Risks Every Restaurant Owner Needs Extra Coverage for

As a restaurant owner, you face risks many other small business owners don’t. And that makes having the right insurance all the more important.

Standard insurance policies often include coverage for your building, your business personal property, the personal property of others in your care and most liability risks.

Yet there are other coverages worth considering that aren’t automatically included in your main policy. These “extras” are typically offered as endorsements—documents attached to an insurance policy that expand or restrict coverage. (In this example, they all expand coverage.)

Here are the 10 risks that restaurant owners should consider covering by endorsement:

  1. A food contamination incident
  2. Liquor liability that covers accidents caused by intoxicated customers
  3. A wrongful termination, sexual harassment or other discrimination allegations
  4. Sewer and drain backup
  5. Employee dishonesty and theft
  6. Dish and glass breakage
  7. Direct damage to property and loss of income resulting from an off-premises utility failure
  8. Automatic increase for business personal property limits during your peak season
  9. Accidental leaking of fire protection systems
  10. Check, credit, debit or charge card forgery or alteration

Erie Insurance offers coverage for risks like these by endorsement. In fact, risks numbered 4 through 10 are bundled into one affordable endorsement created just for restaurants.1 

ERIE offers specialized coverage for restaurant owners through The ERIE Custom Collection® Restaurant Program. This program offers you a specialized suite of products and services for better protection and peace of mind. Learn more about protecting the business you worked so hard to build by contacting your local ERIE agent.

1Certain terms and limitations may apply. See individual policies for specific coverage details. Refer to ERIE’s disclaimer.

As a restaurant owner, it's worth considering additional protection for your unique industry risks. /blog/restaurant-risks Erie Insurance