Six Smart (and Stylish) Smoke Alarms to Consider

smoke detector

This Sunday is Daylight Saving Time, the time of the year when we set our clocks forward an hour. It’s also the time of year to check out your smoke alarms‘ batteries and to review an escape plan with your family.

This year, you might also consider investing in some new smoke alarms. Newer models feature technologies like the ability to text you if something is off. They’re also a lot more stylish, with sleek new designs as well as whimsical models (including one in the shape of a bird!)

Read about six of the most buzzed about new smoke alarms in the article below.

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Remember to set your clock forward an hour this weekend for Daylight Saving Time--and to inspect (and possibly invest in some new) smoke alarms. /blog/six-cutting-edge-smoke-alarms-you-might-want-to-consider-this-dst Erie Insurance