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Less Than Seven Hours of Sleep Ups Potential for a Car Crash

There’s been a lot of concern about how technology is leading to more distracted driving. Yet we also know that drowsy driving is also a major culprit behind auto accidents.

Now, new research reveals that drivers who only sleep five or six hours in a 24-hour period are twice as likely to crash as drivers who get seven hours of sleep or more. Getting less than five hours leads to even more crashes—in fact, these very tired drivers can be as impaired as drunk drivers.

These findings underscore the importance of getting enough shut-eye before you get behind the wheel for any holiday driving—and every time after. Check out the source article on to learn more about this report and why sleep matters so much.


New research shows that getting five to six hours of sleep nearly doubles the likelihood of being involved in a crash compared with drivers who get at least seven hours. /blog/sleep-and-car-crashes Erie Insurance