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7 Ways to Capture Perfect Photos of Your Kids

It’s a harsh reality of parenthood: Kids grow up fast. Before you know it, they’ll be trading in that bicycle for a car and getting ready to head off to college.

While it’s true that the years seem to fly by, photos last forever – making them a great way to capture and display your favorite memories.

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But unfortunately, kids often make less-than-cooperative photography subjects. This leaves us with family photos that aren’t quite suited for display on your wall or mantle. 

Looking for ways to take amazing, professional-looking photos of your kids? Here are seven tips to help you perfectly capture the moments worth remembering:

  1. Snap pictures at their level. Shooting photos from different angles can make a huge impact on the quality of your images. Rather than standing with your camera pointed down at your kids, try getting down on their level. Or lay on the ground and shoot up. You’ll find these angles will help you better capture those priceless facial expressions.
  2. Capture them in their natural state. Forced smiles and awkward posing often results in photos that look, well, forced and awkward. When taking pictures, your child doesn’t always need to sit or stand still while looking right into the camera. Instead, try capturing more candid moments. It might be a sibling that brings out that laugh or a grin from ear to ear. Or pure joy on display while visiting the zoo or swinging on your backyard playset.
  3. Earn a smile from your child. Asking your child to smile and “say cheese” doesn’t always bring out the big grin you’re looking for. So try eliciting a more authentic smile, instead. For young children, it may only require a simple game of peek-a-boo. For older kids, jumping jacks, jokes or silly faces from an adult may do the trick.
  4. Simplify your background. When taking photos, make sure your child remains the focus of your picture. This means avoiding frames jam-packed with visual distractions. Remember that when it comes to your family photos, sometimes less is more.
  5. Avoid using your flash. On many cameras, your flash will come on automatically. However, unless the light level is really low, flash photography can make for unflattering photos. Plus, your child will be more inclined to blink or squint at all that artificial light. When possible, always opt for a setting with natural light. You don’t even have to go outside. It may be as simple as having your child face a window to take advantage of the sunlight.
  6. Move away from your lens. Making eye contact with your child can help shift their focus toward you and the camera. To direct their gaze, try peeking out from behind the camera — or moving back and forth to capture their attention.
  7. Frame your shot. Composition is an important part of taking a great photo. When capturing pictures of your kids, avoid dead space in your images by making sure they fill the frame. Another time-tested tip is to use the “rule of thirds.” Imagine drawing a set of vertical and horizontal lines across your photo to create a three-by-three grid. Then, try to position the subject of your photo where the imaginary grid lines meet.

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