Teddy Bear Toss at Vanderbilt Basketball Game Helps Kids

teddy bears on the floor

When you think of basketball, you don’t often think of teddy bears.

Yet you would if you were at the Vanderbilt University women’s basketball game on Dec. 21.

That was when the annual Teddy Bear Toss took place. The event invites fans to bring, and then toss, brand-new teddy bears at a target in the center of the court. For a few frenzied minutes, fans compete to land their bears in the center and win a Vanderbilt prize pack.

The real winners, however, are sick kids in the community. After the toss, the bears were scooped up so that the Vanderbilt women’s basketball team could personally deliver them to kids spending the holidays at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University.

This year, ERIE got in on the action by being the title sponsor of the Dec. 21 game. Agents and Employees in Tennessee also conducted a separate drive to benefit kids spending the holiday at the hospital.

“There were literally hundreds of teddy bears collected during the toss as well as many extra donations from ERIE Agents and Employees,” says Lindsay Tisdale, a senior business support specialist.

ERIE recently helped sick kids by sponsoring the Teddy Bear Toss at Vanderbilt University. /blog/tennessee-agents-employees-team-teddy-bear-toss Erie Insurance