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Three Things to Watch Out for With Fidget Spinners

If you haven’t noticed, the fidget spinning craze has officially taken over kids’ summer vacations everywhere. You can find the tiny toys in almost any store, anywhere. But it’s when they end up in the wrong (little) hands that is raising concern.    

The handheld toys, originally designed to aid children with ADHD, autism or anxiety, has become popular with all children. With any small toy, there are dangers and hazards that parents and caregivers need to be aware of. Here are just a few:

  • Comprised of small parts, if the toys break, the pieces could be choking hazards if swallowed.
  • When spinning, some of the edges are sharp enough to cut or puncture flesh.
  • Other, more high-tech spinners with LED lights and blue tooth capability have been known to catch fire while charging.   

Read the article from Property Casualty 360 about additional dangers and insurance implications regarding the hottest and most dangerous toy of the summer.   

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