Video: Why Disaster Planning is Essential

We’ve all seen heartbreaking news footage of people affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Every year, these acts of nature wreak havoc on the lives of millions of people. But how many of us really think something could ever happen to us?

As the above video highlights, anyone can be affected by extreme weather. Being prepared for the worst can literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why disaster planning is so essential for every American.

Today marks America’s Prepareathon!, a day in which individuals, organizations and communities are encouraged to prepare for specific hazards through drills, group discussions and exercises. It also marks the closing event for National Preparedness Month.

If you don’t know which natural disasters could happen in your area and/or how to prepare for them, today is a good day to learn. The America’s Preparathon! website has information on disaster planning for earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and winter storms. Remember: An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

No one thinks they will be a victim of a natural disaster. Yet it could happen to anyone. Watch this video to learn why disaster planning is so essential. /blog/video-disaster-planning-essential-americans Erie Insurance