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21 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

From the familiar creaks in the floorboards to your favorite easy chair, there's no place like a warm, cozy home in the dead of winter. 

But let's face it: Too much time inside doing nothing can make you stir-crazy.

What is cabin fever?

Cabin fever can dampen your mood, energy level and motivation during the brutally cold winter months. Not sure if it's happening to you? Here are some signs:

  • You feel cooped up and restless.
  • You have difficulty concentrating on what’s in front of you.
  • You feel lethargic or simply unmotivated to do anything.
  • You feel irritated and on edge for no apparent reason.

If you can relate to any of those signs... you’re probably dealing with cabin fever. But before you take up permanent residence on your couch or start to sleep out of sheer boredom, we have good news. Check out this list of fresh ideas to help you (and the whole family) beat cabin fever, once and for all.

How to Beat Cabin Fever

  1. Break out a good book. For helpful suggestions and reviews, check out a website like
  2. Start a new hobby. A few ideas include knitting, stained glass, Soduku and fiction writing.
  3. Try a new recipe. The possibilities are endless on Pinterest.
  4. Start scrapbooking.
  5. Do a puzzle. It’s a little old-school, but still fun.
  6. Pull out some old board games or a pack of cards.
  7. Engage in some pre-spring cleaning. You’ll have more time to enjoy the great outdoors once it thaws out!
  8. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few moves is all it takes to make your place look new.
  9. Tackle a home improvement project. Just make sure it’s an indoors one!
  10. Plan your summer vacation. Thoughts of warmer days spent outdoors are nice to have during winter.
  11. Have a movie and popcorn night. Dig out an old favorite or stream or rent something new.
  12. Research your family history and create a family tree.
  13. Write a letter to touch base with an old friend or family member. Everyone loves getting an actual letter that’s not a bill or solicitation.
  14. Watch the newest season of your favorite show on Netflix.
  15. Go for a walk, even a 15-minute one. (See what else made our list of ways to stay active this winter.)
  16. Make a snowman or a snow fort.
  17. Go out and shovel. It’s a great workout! (Get tips for how to shovel snow safely.)
  18. Try an outdoor winter activity like sledding or snowshoeing.
  19. Have a snowball fight. Spoiler alert: You don’t have to be a kid to indulge in this one.
  20. Volunteer your time at a local nonprofit or animal shelter. Animals especially need a warm place this time of the year.
  21. Comb through your local paper’s entertainment section. Do something you’ve never done before.

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