A Roundup of Energy-Saving Gadgets

Nest thermostat

In this series, we’ve looked at many simple ways anyone can cut down on their energy consumption and save money. Far too often, people get the idea that it costs a lot of money to save energy, equating efficiency with making a big initial investment.

While hooking up your house to solar power or investing in the latest smart home technology is costly, there are plenty of devices out there that quickly pay for themselves. So if you’re not ready to completely renovate your home into a “green” home yet, but you still want to do your part for the environment and your pocket book, here are four gadgets that are worth the cost.

  • Energy-management systems: The days when you’ve kicked yourself for leaving on the lights or forgetting to turn down the heat are over. Modern energy-management systems allow you to control the temperature, lights and more from your smartphone or computer. No matter where you are, you can make sure you’re not wasting energy when no one is around.
  • Learning thermostats: Programmable thermostats are an economical way to regulate the temperature and cut down on energy waste. Now, programmable thermostats take this one step further. They actually “learn” the temperatures you and your family prefer. By automatically adjusting the temperature for when you're around and when you’re gone, this system will net you some serious savings.
  • Water Pebble: Placed by the shower drain, Water Pebble monitors how much water you use. A little light tells you if you're using too much or just the right amount of water. If you’re serious about cutting down on water consumption, this device can help you do so over time.
  • Advanced power strips: Did you know that even after your phone is charged or when your television is off, they are slowly using up energy and costing you money? To cut down on this waste of energy, advanced power strips have the smarts to shut off the power supply to devices not in use. By switching over to advanced power strips, the average home has the potential to save $200 annually in energy costs.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to slash your energy usage and bills. The main question is just where to start.

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