How to Winterize Your Boat

boats stored for winter

Summer is (sadly) coming to a close. If you’re a boat owner, you know that one of the hardest things to give up when the cold weather hits is your watercraft.

Previous posts discussed how to get your boat ready for summer, how to stay safe while boating and why you need boat insurance. Now, it’s time to consider how to winterize your boat before the cold weather hits.

While it’s not a fun job, it’s definitely an important one. When you winterize your boat, you help it better handle the winter weather. This may ultimately help it last longer.

It might also save you serious cash. As the article below details, a few dollars of preventive maintenance today can save you hundreds–or even thousands–of dollars down the line.

Read the source article at to learn how to winterize your boat.

Summer is nearly over. Have you considered how to winterize your boat? Remember that doing so helps extend the life of your boat, and it may save you money. /blog/winterize-your-boat Erie Insurance