Looking for Good Work-from-Home Companies?

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You’ve seen the market growth of work-from-home companies, and now you want to start your own.

Before you quit your current job and clean out the office, stop to consider if your business idea is well-suited to be a successful work-from-home company. Certain businesses more naturally lend themselves to being a good home-based business than others. The following businesses, however, can make for some of the most successful work-from-home companies.

  • Daycare provider. This work-from-home business model was around long before the technology age. In fact, many of us forget it is actually a work-from-home company. Though daycare centers exist, many people prefer a home-based daycare. If you love children and you don’t mind living in a home full of toys, you could enjoy this work-from-home opportunity.
  • Writer. Modern technology allows writers to provide the work their clients need from their home just as easily as an office. All you need is a computer, an email address and a reliable Internet connection. This home-based business requires a smaller capital investment than many other work-from-home companies.
  • Housekeeper. You can work from your home when you spend your time cleaning the homes of others. These professionals can also be hired to clean businesses. Working as a housekeeper offers good income without an additional educational investment. Cleaning services comprise six of the ten fastest-growing franchises, according to Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Event planner. If you have ideas about how to make weddings, birthday parties or corporate events amazing, working as an event planner can be a successful work-from-home company. Most of your work will involve traveling to your clients or their events. Yet much of the planning and behind-the-scenes work can be done at a home-based business. You may want to consider creating a special show room in your home for clients.
  • Beautician. If you’ve worked as a beautician in the past, you may have considered turning your business into a work-from-home company. This business will require some investment on your part to ensure you have the necessary products and technology your clients require. You’ll also need to review state licensing regulations to determine what is required.
  • Collectibles retailer. Many small, specialty retailers use the Internet as their store front and run their business from their home. If you sell a coveted specialty product and you have a growing web presence, this business model can become a successful work-from-home company. Just don’t forget to load up on the packing materials.
  • Photographer. Most of work photographers do will be on location, making this an obvious work-from-home opportunity. However, you should consider creating a studio in your home to take indoor shots and/or meet with clients.

Next, learn which questions you should consider before you start a home-based business.

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