Business Catastrophe Liability Details

Additional Coverages

  • Newly Acquired Organizations – Provides liability protection up to 90 days for any organization you acquire or from, other than a partnership, joint venture or limited liability company. In order for coverage to apply, you must own the organization or have majority interest in it.
  • Non-Owned Aircraft – Provides coverage for your liability arising out of the use of non-owned aircraft chartered with crew by you. This includes liability arising out of operations performed for you by independent contractors.
  • Non-Owned Watercraft – Provides coverage for your liability arising out of the use of non-owned watercraft that are less than 50 feet in length.
  • Mental Injury – Expands the definition of bodily injury to include mental injury and mental anguish caused by an occurrence covered under this policy.

Defense Costs

Coverage is provided, without limit, for the costs of investigation and defense of covered claims against you. This coverage applies to those claims for which you would be covered under your primary insurance, but because of the exhaustion of your primary policy's aggregate limits, no primary coverage is available. It also applies to claims for bodily injury and property damage or personal and advertising injury not covered by your underlying insurance but covered by the Business Catastrophe Liability Policy.

Worldwide Coverage and Limit of Protection

  • Worldwide Coverage – Provides for your liability arising from activities anywhere in the world.
  • Limit of Protection – Provides the amount available to pay for all insured losses under the Business Catastrophe Liability Policy. The policy's basic limit is $1 million. Limits of Protection greater than $1 million are also available.

Required Limits of Primary Insurance

ERIE's Business Catastrophe Liability Policy provides liability protection up to the policy limit in excess of the limits of protection afforded by your primary insurance policy. The following is a list of the minimum limits of coverage required on various primary insurance policies.

  • Automobile Liability or Garage Liability – $1 million/1 million bodily injury and $1 million property damage or $1 million combined single limit
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage – $1 million/occurrence and $1 million/general aggregate
  • Workers Compensation (Employers Liability) – Limit $100,000/$500,000/$100,000
  • Watercraft Liability – $1 million combined single limit
*ERIE's business insurance coverage is not available in Kentucky.

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