Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Whether you run a casual eatery or a fine dining establishment, we’ll help you secure the right coverage at the right price. Our program offers:

  • Property and liability1
  • Workers’ compensation2
  • Commercial auto coverages3 (an employee driving one of your business owned vehicles)

And this includes coverage for:

  • Your building1
  • Business personal property and inventory1
  • Liability1
  • Crime1
  • Damage to customers’ cars in your care, including valet parking1
  • Employee on-the-job injuries2
  • Business auto3

And that’s just the beginning, because ERIE offers the following extra protections designed to cover the unique risks today’s restaurants face.

Protection You Need for Common Restaurant Risks

Here are a few examples:

See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer.
Your Risk Our Coverage4
Power or mechanical failure cuts power to your refrigerators and freezers Coverage5 is available for food inventory for either a power or mechanical failure.
Food contamination Coverage6 is available for:
  • Lost business income and expenses to replace contaminated food supplies.
  • Expenses to cover inoculation or other medical. expenses for infected customers and employees
  • Expense in order to clean and sanitize your machinery and equipment.
  • Additional advertising and public relations expenses.1
Mechanical and electrical equipment breakdown Coverage5 is available for the cost to repair or replace broken equipment such as a refrigerator, cooking equipment, telephones, computers, air conditioning, hot water tank or heating equipment.
A fire forces your restaurant to shut down Coverage5,6 is available for unlimited income loss and extra expense reimbursement up to 12 months after a covered loss.
Data breach The coverage6 could pay for the expenses required to notify the affected individuals of the breach, services to those individuals and crisis resolution for your restaurant.

Contact Us for More Information

ERIE’s restaurant program also includes a team of claims, customer service and underwriting professionals and risk control consultants who can help you. What’s more, a local ERIE Agent—a fellow business owner—knows how critical it is to have the right coverage. Contact an Agent today to get an insurance quote for your restaurant.

  1. Available through ERIE’s Ultrapack PlusSM and UltraflexSM policies
  2. Available through ERIE’s Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability insurance (not available in Ohio)
  3. Available through ERIE’s Pioneer Commercial Auto Insurance Policy
  4. Applies to covered losses
  5. Available through ERIE’s Ultrapack PlusSM and UltraflexSM policies
  6. Available through ERIE’s Data Breach Response Expenses coverage

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