Employee Testimonial from Jhavid Rouhani

Number of years with ERIE: One
Damascus, Md.

What’s it like to be an actuary? No, it’s not like the life of Reuben Feffer, the obsessive insurance analyst from the romantic comedy, “Along Came Polly.” In short, actuaries are professional assessors of risk (and they have a knack for numbers, too).

What do you do in a day’s work? Analyze historical data in order to predict the future, which (among other things) allows us to price groups of risks more accurately.

Why ERIE? I chose ERIE because I liked what I saw when I interviewed. There was an emphasis placed on project ownership as well as development and learning. Also, the people I interviewed with were relaxed, open and friendly.

Advice you’d offer to a new Employee: Ask lots of questions.

If not insurance, then … I originally wanted to be a high school math teacher.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Michigan State University.

Favorite vacation spot: So far, it would be Mackinac Island in northern Michigan. I am hoping, though, to go to South America sometime this year.

Pet: Golden Retriever/Lab mix named Chester.

Best stress reliever: I used to run but now I walk.

Outside interests: Learning golf last summer and trying skiing over the winter.

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