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Warning About Recruitment Fraud

We've become aware of individuals misrepresenting Erie Insurance and making fraudulent job offers for fictitious positions with Erie Insurance. We take this matter seriously and are working to stop such recruitment fraud schemes. By drawing attention to the issue, we hope to prevent unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to this type of scam.  

These scams are usually intended to obtain money or sensitive personal information from the victims. They can involve very sophisticated techniques and may offer candidates a check to process before being hired, request a candidate to send them money for “start-up equipment” or request that a candidate complete bogus employment forms with the Erie Insurance logo to obtain personal details such as date of birth, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, to name a few.  

Please be aware that the hiring process at Erie Insurance will always include an interview either in person or by video and a new employee’s first day of employment will always be at an Erie Insurance office.

For more information on the signs that may be indications of a job scam, you may wish to reference the information on the Federal Trade Commission website

If you have a question about the legitimacy of a job offer you have received and wish to verify it with an Erie Insurance representative, contact Erie Insurance at (814) 870-2000 and ask to be transferred to the Talent Acquisition Department.