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Access My Account

What is Access My Account?
Do I need to go to Access My Account to pay my bill?
What insurance policies can be viewed online?
Can I make changes to my policy online?
What do I need to create my online account?
Why do I have to answer identity verification questions when I create my Online Account?
What if I did not receive the account verification email?
I created My Online Account. How do I view my personal auto and home insurance policy summaries or temporary auto ID cards?
When I reset my password, I received a temporary password via email. The temporary password didn’t work, what should I do?

Bill Payment

Besides mailing my payment, how can I pay my insurance bill?

Using ERIE's Payment Service

What is Pay My Bill? Is there a fee for this service?
What information do I need to pay a bill online?
How do I know how much I owe?
How do I know my payments are secure?

Making Bill Payments Online

What methods of payment do you accept online?
How often can I use this service?
When is the payment actually made?
When will the payment be deducted from my bank account?
Can I pick the date when the payment will be made?
Can I make a payment on more than one Erie Insurance account with this service?
What if I need to modify or cancel the payment after clicking the Authorize button?
What does the confirmation on the screen mean?
What do I do if I am having trouble with this service?

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