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Five Things to Discuss With Your ERIE Agent Before the Semester Begins

June 24, 2009

1. Auto insurance – Your household might get a discount when Sally goes off to Stanford (or any other school, for that matter). Or, if she’s taking her ride with her, an extra review beforehand can make sure she is fully protected.

2. Homeowners insurance – Usually the belongings of your child-turned-college-student will be covered by your homeowers, but it’s best to be sure.

3. Renters insurance – This is especially important to discuss if your son or daughter is moving from dorm to apartment, just to be doubly sure everything is covered.

4. Life – If student loans are involved, life insurance can help in the case of an unexpected tragedy. And if a tragedy never occurs (thankfully), a student can opt to carry on the life insurance to the next stage of life.

5. Personal Catastrophe Liability (PCL) – Accidents happen unexpectedly—and sometimes tragically. Extra liability coverage, commonly called an umbrella policy, can help protect you should a lawsuit ensue from a big mistake.

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