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Everyday Heroes

An everyday hero is that special someone who believes in you, pushes you to do your best, helps you rally when you stumble and celebrates you when you succeed.

Erie Insurance employee Jamie Martin Stewart shares the lasting impact of one high school teacher and how she incorporates the lessons Mrs. Williams taught her into her daily role at ERIE.

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James conner: Who's Got Your Back?

A good mentor shares your dreams, lifts you up when you stumble, and celebrates you when you succeed.

It definitely takes a team, a community behind you to make your dream possible.

James Conner
Professional football running back


Every Erie Insurance policy comes with your very own local ERIE agent who will give you that personal touch.

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With ERIE, you won’t get one-size-fits-all coverage. Instead, we’ll listen to you, respond with tailor-made solutions and follow through until you're satisfied.

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If something bad ever happens, our priority is to do right by you and get things restored quickly and compassionately.

Heroism in Action

Showing up to genuinely serve people is one of the ways everyday heroism manifests itself.

Take, for instance, ERIE Agent Dan Cressman’s story. When he was 19, he experienced a family tragedy and fellow Allentown Agent Ed Coringrato stepped in. It’s an inspiring story that goes straight for the heartstrings. 

If you put your mind to anything in this world you can accomplish it.

Joe Rettura, jr.
ERIE Agent, Laurel Highlands Insurance Group, Uniontown, Pennsylvania

A Little Inspiration Can Go a Long Way

ERIE Agent Joe Rettura took a leap of faith and made a cold call that would change his life. The phone conversation would lead to a successful business venture and an unforgettable friendship with Wendell Grimm whose personal story is remarkable.

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It’s good to know someone has your back. At ERIE, we’ve got yours.