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Investing In Our Future 2022

For more than 95 years, Erie Insurance has been committed to doing the right things in the communities we serve.

At Erie Insurance, we’re committed to doing the right things in the communities we serve. For more than 95 years, Erie Insurance has recognized the importance of education to lifelong success. That’s why we’re excited to continue our Investing in Our Future grant program for nonprofits to help impact our community’s goal of eliminating poverty through education. Access to high-quality primary education and supporting children’s overall well-being is a globally recognized solution to the cycle of poverty. This is, in part, because it also addresses many of the other issues that can keep communities and families vulnerable. We believe this initiative, along with our other investments in economic development, will help to multiply efforts to create a more vibrant, inclusive and sustainable community. 

We’ve learned from United Way of Erie County’s community school model, which separates school metrics into four domains: student, family, school, and school district. Experience and research from United Way, as affirmed by Erie’s Public Schools and ERIE’s own research, indicates that addressing barriers to academic success in a student’s personal life positively impacts their academic performance, their families, and the school in general. The objective of ERIE’s Strategic Giving pilot program is to help us ‘move the needle’ on education in the defined areas of need within our Erie region. To that end, funds are available to help address two focus areas: alignment between core instructional programming and out-of-school time activities, and school readiness.


  • Grants are available from $25,000 to $150,000 and may be renewable
  • Programs must drive measurable change in one of two focus areas:
    • Alignment between core instructional programming and out-of-school time activities
      • Example: participation in or availability of after school or summertime activities which align with academic curricula
      • This will be measured using two metrics:
        • Number of students participating in one or more clubs available after school and during the summer
        • Number of programs available after school and during the summer
    • School readiness
      • Example: students testing on grade level at the beginning of the school year
      • This will be measured using two metrics:
        • Number of home visits/orientations to new students within the Erie School District
        • Number of students testing on-grade level within the Erie School District at the beginning of the school year
  • Programs must support students geographically located in the City of Erie, PA.
  • The program cycle must be complete by August 2023; proposals can be submitted for multi-year programs where subsequent years will be dependent upon successful completion of the preceding year.
  • Organizations who were selected for the 2021 pilot can request a renewal using the instructions provided via email. Please contact [email protected] with questions.
  • Eligible entities must be approved 501(c)3 charitable entities located within the service area of Erie Insurance.
  • Programs and organizations must meet all other Erie Insurance Giving Network requirements.
  • Selected nonprofits will be required to complete one or more assessments to measure their organization’s maturity, to help determine if additional consulting support is needed to deliver on program goals.
  • Consulting services will also be available in collaboration with the Nonprofit Partnership to help selected organizations develop and mature their operations and/or reporting, as identified in the above assessments.
  • Grant funds will be disbursed during the second quarter of 2022.
  • Organizations which have already applied for funding from Erie Insurance during 2022 may also apply for this special grant opportunity.
  • Erie’s Public Schools will be consulted when evaluating proposals for any in-school programs; all existing School District processes and guidelines remain in place.
  • Organizations will be required to provide evidence that their project aligns with a stated need identified by the Erie School District and that it is supported by the impacted school(s).
  • Erie Insurance funds cannot be used to directly support staff salaries, wages, or benefits. Funds can be used for subcontracted services. 


Interested organizations must complete the online form by 4:00 PM on January 28, 2022. Please mention that you’re applying for an Investing in Our Future grant.


Consideration for funding and the amount thereof will be determined by, among other things, the quality of the proposal, organizational capacity to execute, number of applications received, amount of funds requested, and clear alignment with our targeted goals of improving educational success in Erie.  Organizations who are unsure of the alignment between their program and this grant opportunity are invited to apply or contact us to discuss their request.


Questions about this program can be directed to [email protected].