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So you thought it was a great idea to have a second floor laundry room – but now there’s a puddle in your hallway and a stream of water flowing down into your family room, on top of your new flat screen TV. Life is full of surprises, but your homeowners insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Your ERIE Agent and claims adjusters are ready to help. And here’s a little extra information to get you started.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

There are several choices when it comes to deciding who you want to repair your home or business. Maybe you have a contractor who has done the work on your home that you would like to use again. That’s fine. We’ll work with you and your contractor to get the repairs done quickly. But if you need a recommendation, we would be happy to provide you with one. Our claim handlers have worked with many different contractors in your hometown. Let us know how we can help.

Reporting a Claim

Need to file a claim? You can file a homeowners insurance claim by contacting Erie Insurance at (800) 367-3743 for assistance 24/7 or you can file it online. After you’ve reported the loss, the following steps will take place.

  • The loss report is assigned a claim number and assigned to a claims handler.
  • A property adjuster will contact you to confirm the facts of the loss. This may include an inspection of the damaged property. The adjuster will then determine if coverage applies, and, if so, evaluate the damages.
  • After the claim is initiated, the adjuster or claims handler will check on the progress of the claim and make every effort to efficiently complete the process. Some claims can be settled quickly. Others – especially those involving severe damages – may take longer.

Keeping Track of the Details

To help stay organized and involved, you may want to maintain a file regarding your homeowners insurance claim/loss that includes the following:

  • Customer’s name as it appears on the policy
  • Policy number
  • Claim number
  • Claim handler or adjuster’s name, mailing address, phone number and title
  • Estimates, correspondence and notes of phone conversations regarding the claims settlement

Keep this file with you. Wherever you talk to your homeowners insurance claims handler or adjuster – at home or at work – your documentation will help ensure the claim is processed in a timely, accurate manner.

Still have questions? Contact your ERIE Agent.

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