Video Transcript: Tennessee Storms April 27

June 9, 2011

Weather service announcer: The National Weather Service in Nashville has issued a tornado warning for Marion County. If you are in the path of this destructive tornado take cover immediately in the basement or other underground shelter and get under something sturdy.

Customer Eric Milchak: When we heard the noise, we went into the other room and got down on the floor and just heard glass breaking all over.

And so we hurried up and jumped in here and jumped on the floor right here next to this dresser right here on the floor.

The back end of the house had fallen down, and I was trapped inside of the house and I couldn’t get out. One of my neighbors came over and was able to get a board and try to pry it open enough so we could get out.

Tennessee Agent Kevin Manning: There were about four or five waves. This is the result of that first wave. We had some clients call us with stuff as small as just as a tree down in the yard, and as the waves came through they got progressively worse throughout the day. And today what we found out is that those same people that called us early on the first wave yesterday, the damage was so much more significant that now they have trees all over their houses.

Claims Adjuster Clint Quarles: The first question I ask them is, “are you okay?” and as long as they are okay then we’ll move on to the other stuff. I have a job to do, but for me the personal aspect of it is just as important — if not more important — than the job that I am here to do, because this just shouldn’t be about me writing an estimate, figuring out replacement cost, that sort of thing. This is their life, their home. It is personal to me because I hate to see someone go through this.

Agent Kevin Manning: As of this morning, we had 15 claims. They vary from trees down in yards to this sort of disaster, just horrendous damage.

Customer Eric Milchak: I am just glad for the quick response that ERIE was able to give me and my family, and the support that they have given us so far.

Agent Kevin Manning: ERIE has been great through it all. They truly are Above all in Above All in SERVICESM. Clint has been the adjuster on the loss and he has done everything he had said that he would do for the insured and we couldn’t expect or ask any more from ERIE.

Claims Adjuster Clint Quarles: On to the next one.

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