Homeowners Insurance Claims Frequently Asked Questions

At Erie Insurance, we’ll always take time to answer your homeowner insurance claims questions.
The following information is provided as a general resource for Erie Insurance Customers. For exact answers to questions about a specific loss, you should speak with your Agent, or a claims adjuster, who could more thoroughly explain your homeowners insurance coverage, processes and your options regarding homeowners insurance claims as well as any other questions you may have. 

Filing a Claim

How do I file a homeowners insurance claim?

To file a claim, choose one of these options:

  • Contact your Agent during business hours
  • Call a local ERIE office near you during business hours
  • File your claim online
  • On nights and weekends, call (800) 367-3743.
  • File an identity theft claim by calling ERIE’s Identity Recovery hotline at 1-866-ERIENOW.
What information do I need to report my homeowners insurance claim?

Your claim representative will work with you to identify the information needed during the claim process, but it is helpful if you can answer these questions:

  • When the loss occurred (date, time)
  • How the damage happened
  • What was damaged
  • If the police were contacted (if theft)
Do I need to contact the police?

If your loss involved theft or burglary, make sure you call the police to report the incident. This will help to expedite your claim later on.

Claims Process

What are the basic steps involved with handling a home claim?

Because each claim is unique, the claim handling process varies. Below are the typical steps your claim will go through after you report it:

  • Discuss the claim
  • Determine coverage 
  • Inspect the damages
  • Estimate damages
  • Settle the claim
Who can I call with questions about my homeowners insurance claim?

If you didn’t find the answers to your claim questions here, contact your claim representative. If you do not have your claim representative’s name or phone number, contact an Erie Insurance office near you for assistance with your questions.

What happens after I report my homeowners insurance claim?

A claims adjuster will be assigned to your claim and will contact you, usually within 4 business hours of your report. Your claims adjuster will explain the claims process and steps involved, discuss what your insurance policy covers, and answer any questions you may have.

What information will I need when I meet with my claims adjuster?

The more information you have about the claim and the property that was damaged, the faster we can handle your claim. The following information will help you and your claims adjuster accurately record the claim:

  • Photos of your home prior to the damage
  • Household inventorypdf
  • Receipts for any temporary living expenses or supplies you needed to prevent further damage to your home
My house isn’t safe to live in because of my loss. What should I do?

If your home is not safe to live in following your loss and you have coverage for Additional Living Expenses on your policy, ERIE will pay for reasonable living expenses including lodging and personal belongings. Your ERIE claims adjuster will discuss the amount you will be given for these types of expenses.

What’s the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

Actual cash value is typically defined as replacement cost less depreciation (the amount deducted based on the age and condition of the item). With replacement cost coverage, the depreciation is withheld but then paid back to you after the repair or replacement of each item.

What’s Covered?

Am I covered? Will my rates go up? Will my homeowners insurance be cancelled?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer these questions directly because there are so many factors that go into determining each answer, such as your policy coverage, claim history, type of loss and length of time that you have been insured with Erie Insurance. You can look to your policy for coverage information, and you can direct questions you may have about your claim to your Agent and the adjuster assigned to handle your claim.

Does my homeowners policy cover water damage?

It depends. In most cases, if you experience water damage from a water pipe that bursts, a washer hose that leaks or explodes, then your homeowners policy covers the damage, but there are many factors that will determine if a claim is covered.

Here are two examples of claims that are not covered. If water leaks into your home through the foundation, or because of a flood, the damage is not covered under your home insurance policy. If the water damage is due to an ongoing leak, seepage or other maintenance problems, it is also not covered.

If you have questions about your claim, talk to your local ERIE Agent or the adjuster assigned to handle your claim.

Does my policy cover damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados?

Your policy covers damage caused by some natural disasters but there are many factors that will determine if a claim is covered. Before the storm hits, review your policy with your local ERIE Agent so you understand what is covered. If flooding occurs as a result of the natural disaster, for example, your homeowners policy will not cover the damage. Damage caused by floods is not covered by homeowners policies. Talk to your ERIE Agent about obtaining a separate flood insurance policy. ERIE partnered with American Bankers to offer this coverage to Customers.

Is my car covered under my homeowners policy if a fire in my garage caused the loss?

No. Your homeowners policy won’t cover damage to your vehicle. In most cases, your auto policy covers damages to your vehicle if you have purchased the appropriate physical damage coverage.

What happens if I, or my contractor, finds additional damage after my claim is settled?

Call your ERIE claims adjuster immediately. We may need to re-inspect the damage before the repairs are complete and to determine if these damages are covered. If the additional damages were covered under the original claim, we would reopen your claim and work closely with you and your contractor to satisfactorily resolve the matter.

How can I get a copy of my homeowners policy?

You may contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 458-0811 or your local ERIE Agent to get a copy of your homeowners policy. You can also view a summary of your auto and home policies online. To get started, create an account.


How quickly will the repairs be made to be house?

We know that you want to fix your home quickly so you can get on with your life. ERIE will do everything it can to expedite the process for you. The timeframe to fix your home will largely be determined by the damage that occurred to your home and the contractor you’ve chosen to do the repairs.

Will ERIE recommend contractors to be or can I use contractors that I’ve worked with in the past?

ERIE customers always have a choice when it comes deciding who you want to repair your home. We recommend that you use a contractor that you know and trust. If you don’t have someone, we’d be happy to provide a few recommendations to you. After all, we’ve been in this business for more than 80 years. Our claim handlers have worked with many different contractors in your hometown. They can provide you with names of electricians, general contractors, plumbers, roofers and more.

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