Investor Relations

2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Tim Necastro

President & Chief Executive Officer Tim NeCastro
April 25, 2017

In my 21st year at ERIE, it’s a tremendous honor to be standing here.

I remember the first time I attended this shareholders’ meeting, I sat over in that second row of orange chairs where Jim Stoik is. I was judge of elections representing Internal Audit. Shortly after that, I was named ERIE’s Controller and moved to Julie Pelkowski’s chair.

As my career progressed, I was confident that one day, I’d be moving to … Greg Gutting’s chair and the role of the Chief Financial Officer.  

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Chief Financial Officer Gregory J. Gutting
April 25, 2017

Good morning.

As you just saw in the video, both Erie Indemnity and The Erie Insurance Exchange delivered excellent results for 2016 and it is my distinct privilege to be with you today to report on those results in greater detail. 

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