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Corporate Structure

What is a Reciprocal Insurer?

Erie Indemnity Company (Indemnity) is a publicly held Pennsylvania business corporation that has been the managing attorney-in-fact for the subscribers (policyholders) at the Erie Insurance Exchange (Exchange) since 1925. The Exchange is a subscriber-owned Pennsylvania-domiciled reciprocal insurer that writes property and casualty insurance.

In Business Since 1925

Erie Insurance is a publicly held company based in Erie, Pennsylvania, offering auto, home, life and business insurance. Learn more about our organizational structure.


Indemnity’s primary function is to perform certain services for the Exchange relating to the sales, underwriting and issuance of policies on behalf of the Exchange. This is done in accordance with a subscriber’s agreement (a limited power of attorney) executed by each subscriber (policyholder), who appoints Indemnity as their common attorney-in-fact to transact business on their behalf and manage the affairs at the Exchange.

The property and casualty and life insurance operations are owned by the Exchange, and Indemnity functions as the management company. Indemnity, the Exchange, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, operate collectively as the “Erie Insurance Group” (The ERIE®).