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Guaranteed Replacement Cost from Erie Insurance

If you experience a total loss of your home, ERIE’s Guaranteed Replacement Cost (GRC) coveragewill allow you to rebuild it to its former glory, at today’s cost.

And with the ever-climbing material and labor prices, it’s easy to see why GRC is the gold standard for homeowners coverage. Plus, it’s already included in our base ErieSecure Home® policy.2


We strive to exceed your expectations and provide service with a human touch.

No gray areas

We promise to explain your coverage and answer all your questions.

24/7 support

We’ll be there–night or day–when you need us the most.

We've got you covered

We'll give you a choice of coverages that works best for you.

Living expenses

We’ll help pay for additional living expenses, if you have to live somewhere else while your home is repaired.

Protection away from home

We offer personal liability protection anywhere in the world. It can help protect you if you hurt someone or damage someone’s property.

1Guaranteed Replacement Cost applies to dwelling and requires home improvements over $5,000 to be reported within 90 days—not availablewith all policies and in all states. Coverage of costs to comply with laws or ordinances is subject to limits. Depreciation may be deducted until repair or replacement is made. Talk to an ERIE Agent for more information. 

2The information in this ad is a summary and does not include all coverages and benefits available through an ErieSecure Home® policy or apply to all states. Coverage, benefits, limits and deductibles will vary. Conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Refer to for more information. Talk to an ERIE Agent for state specific policy information.


It’s nice to know that when something goes wrong, your coverage goes the distance.

ERIE's guaranteed replacement cost goes the distance to protect you, while typical competitors only cover the Actual Cash Value leaving you to pay the rest out of pocket.


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