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Erie Insurance announces $100,000 commitment to Minority Community Investment Coalition (MCIC)

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Grant funding will support MCIC’s COVID-19 vaccination and health and wellness outreach to Erie’s most vulnerable populations

ERIE, Pa., May 20, 2021Erie Insurance (ERIE) today announced that it has invested $100,000 in the Minority Community Investment Coalition (MCIC) to support outreach initiatives focused on improving health equity in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The community building grant, part of Erie Insurance’s longstanding commitment to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, is focused on the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the city. The Minority Community Investment Coalition will use the resources to develop and implement an outreach plan aimed at increasing awareness of COVID-19 testing and vaccine availability at local community centers, educating at-risk populations about the importance of having a primary care physician (PCP) and building trust in community organizations that serve as partners for long-term health and quality-of-life.

“Erie Insurance is pleased to support this important outreach aimed at promoting and building healthier families and communities,” said Christina Marsh, Erie Insurance’s chief community and economic development officer. “The work being done by the MCIC leaders and the Booker T. Washington Center, Martin Luther King, Jr. Center and the Quality-of-Life Learning Center will certainly help achieve this goal.”

Erie Insurance President and CEO Tim NeCastro said ERIE is proud to support this important work and impressed by MCIC’s collaborative approach.

“The MCIC leaders are partnering together and encouraging much-needed collaboration among the city’s community centers, churches, schools, healthcare providers and government institutions,” said NeCastro. “I believe this project will have both immediate and long-lasting positive impacts on the vitality and sustainability of our community.”

As part of MCIC’s outreach plan, the organization will leverage community engagement activities and tools such as events, contests, video, and digital and social media to spread the word. A “Get Vaccinated” campaign will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by promoting testing, social distancing, mask-wearing and vaccinations. A related “Get Educated” campaign will promote general health and wellness resources, connect families to PCPs and provide information on specific health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes. “We Care Erie” will promote awareness and build trust in community organizations that can serve as valuable partners in families’ health and wellness.

“MCIC appreciates Erie Insurance’s support in helping educate people of color and underserved populations on the importance of getting vaccinated and focusing on their overall health,” said Shantel Hilliard, executive director of Booker T. Washington Center and a member of MCIC’s leadership team. “It’s imperative to get the word out to those who are on the fence about getting vaccinated and ERIE’s support will help us do that across many different platforms.”

The MCIC outreach campaigns will launch this spring and continue throughout 2021. The organization will partner with local community centers, churches, schools, healthcare providers, the Housing Authority of the City of Erie, Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority and local media to further amplify the message.

“Our charitable giving committee sees this project as a natural extension of the work ERIE is doing here in Erie and across our company footprint to help people during this unprecedented time,” said Ann Scott, community outreach manager at Erie Insurance. “We know that COVID-19 and other health risks disproportionately impact many racial and ethnic minority groups and we want to do what we can to help.”

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